BBB Community Leaders

The following are the people you will see inside, outside, and around Bamboo Bicycles Beijing. We serve in the BBB roles needed to teach people to make their own bamboo bicycles, share their stories, and have fun doing it. Some of us are wandering different parts of the globe, others are biking across China, and probably most of us are somewhere doing something that is pretty helpful to someone – That’s the community thing 🙂


DAVID WANG, 王勤辉, Founder

David is the founder of BBB. A graduate of Pomona College and a Fullbright Research Scholar, David has been researching Chinese contemporary culture in China for 6 years. He takes his observations and insights and turns them into actions. Bamboo Bicycles Beijing is one of his best 🙂 David has also filmed documentaries on street basketball in Beijing, graffiti in Xi-an, and education in rural China. Apart from his passion for bicycles, David enjoys running in Temple of Earth park early in the morning with the old Chinese guys and girls. David is currently studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  WeChat/微信: dwang888

MOWGLI 小罗,Beijing Workshop Manager

Xiaoluo is the ultimate traveler, poet, artist, and maker. After BBB’s first workshop in Guangzhou, Mowgli (Took his name for his long hair when he was travelling through SE Asia.), decided he was ready to take the plunge! Mowgli set up Guangzhou’s first DIY bamboo bicycle workshop with the support of BBB and a local bike company. Today, Mowgli has moved north to manage the Beijing workshop and teach us how to make the best performance bamboo bike the world has every seen!!! 中文邮箱: WeChat/微信:himowgli

DANGAO, 蛋糕,Workshop Assistant

Dangao joined BBB in 2015 not knowing how to ride bike! BBB’s Marshall (see below) brought to the workshop, and she understood how everything worked faster than anyone before. Since then, Dangao has been a constant in the BBB workshop. Dangao is about 3 steps ahead of everyone making everything from frame building to purchasing super fast and efficient. One year later, Dangao has finally learned to ride a bike and has her own stylish 20-inch bamboo bike! (only Chinese).

MARSHALL CAO, 曹嘉晖, Workshop Leader

Marshal, Jiahui Cao, is now a student at Hampshire College. He originally joined BBB as a high school senior while he was in a Chinese high school. This guy loves riding in Beijing because of the unique experience of cycling in the historic city. Marshall has not only helped countless people finish their bamboo bikes, he is now digging deep into Media Studies. Please do check out his awesome journey with BBB here.


Hailing all the way from South Africa, Claudio is a leading partner of BBB responsible for operations, community growth, and all things bike related. He has brought with him a wealth of experience and is our bike expert! Since he was 14 Claudio has enjoyed finding different ways to ride a bike, whether it’s jumping them off of stairs or throwing them down mountains. When not building bikes, he’s usually thinking about them. If not that, then music is his game and maybe doing a freelance article here and there on the side — usually about bikes. We love having passionate individuals in our community and in case you couldn’t tell, Claudio is really into bikes.

GEENA CHEN, 小陈,DPE (Designer, Painter, and Eater)

Geena Teaching_editedGeena arrived at BBB in the middle of a workshop fresh off a plane from the United States. The mechanical engineer/urban studies/slam poet major had a directive from her university to make waves happen in the workshop and the BBB community. Immediately upon her arrival Geena could be found eating 炸酱面 (Beijing’s traditional noodles) at the next door Uncle’s house. In addition to her sunshine friendliness with the neighbors, Geena has designed BBB’s 2nd workspace. She has produced BBB’s first components and bicycle catalog to inspire the imaginations of workshop participants. And, she is teaching the neighborhood kids to make their own bamboo bicycle!

 JACKIE CHEN, 陈九华, TCMO (Temporary Chief Marketing Officer)

150- Jackie (2)Most people have a natural instinct to be bounded by logic and reasoning, but Jackie believes the key to be human rather than animal is to dream and to create. He sees himself as a dreamer who constantly looks into the future while reflecting  on history. Make no mistake;  he is also a down to earth person who lives in the moment. When he get an idea that he’s truly passionate about, he turns it into a reality. At BBB, as an aspiring architect, Jackie has redesigned BBB’s facade, designed a bamboo skateboard, and is making a map of the local community!

COCO, 阎天航, Bike Saver

IMG_20150723_180641 (2)Coco first visited BBB on June 1st and  was immediately fascinated with them. She loves the space we work in, she loves the projects we work on and she loves the people we work with. She is easygoing and likes playing tricks a lot.  “In BBB I can speaks freely, communicate with others fluently and some times play tricks on Claudio. Because of that, I enjoy my working time in BBB. Making things by hands appeal to me, BBB also inspire me to create more bamboo crafts . All in all ,energetic and outgoing,it’s me. I ‘m Coco.” Coco’s summer project is restoring a old Chinese bike from the 1980s as well as being one of the most awesome helpers in the workshop!

Tang Yuyuan, 唐誉源,Bamboo Innovation

Workshop 34-5 (2)First Yuyuan just came and help Ruby (see below) with her project as her volunteer and then she became a member of BBB by joining the summer internship program. And now she has made her own bike and is working on her own project to teach children to make bamboo crafts by using the abandoned bamboos and advocate people to think with their hands. Truly, this different experience have great effect on her. She has become more passionate about sports and life. And also she is more willing to travel in a very environmentally-friendly way – by bike.

RUBY LIU, 刘若然, Chief Entertainment Officiate

110- RubyOne day a stranger named Ruby walked into the workshop and yelled out, “Why do you guys waste so much bamboo?!” Things haven’t been the same since. Ruby has redesigned scrap bamboo into all kinds of functional artwork ranging from clothes hangers to iPhone speakers. Ruby represents BBB at exhibitions sharing her designs and intellect with everyone. Ruby is not just “creative,” she realizes her creativity in her functional works of art. She is dedicated to moving her hands along with her mind.  Anyone around Ruby is inspired to create with her.

DIANA GALIMZYANOVA, 迪安娜, Community Partnerships

Workshop 30-1
Meet Diana. Diana is the master and commander of BBB’s online content and our community partnerships. She is also the only person who likes to clean up the workshop 😉 With Diana, BBB is growing from a small little neighborhood workshop to a urban community. Everyone is inspired to act on their ideas around Diana.

STEVE NGO, Workshop Assistant

Workshop Assistant from South Philadelphia, born and raised, on the computer is where he spent most of his days. Chilling inside, playing all games and relaxing until I graduated and came to Beijing and discovered Bamboo Bicycles Beijing. Since I made my first bike at workshop #3, I’ve been helping out whenever I can to spread the joy of riding such great bikes. I am a animal lover, bike, lover, and book lover. Also he likes food. lots of food. Ride On!


Meet Candy. She is the founder and community artist of BBB and for the past 6 years, she has been working with China Youthology to do various research projects and build community engagement fon Chinese youth. Driven by a burning passion for finding different ways to enable youth development and community building, she has initiated a bunch of cool projects! She runs Butter Youth Conference, a monthly opportunity for young Chinese people to share their stories and ideas. Currently, she has embarked on a mission to paint a zoo and plans to do an open zoo project to encourage creativeness in the community. And that’s not all. Candy is also a fantastic writer who writes on her research and exploration for several publications. Check out her writing of BBB’s story on BottleDream, City Pictorial and Times Weekly!

GABRIELLA LIU 刘乐童, Media Manager

As a local Beijing girl, Gab loves the city because of its history and its community landscape completely bound up with her heart. As a seventeen-year-old high school senior, Gab is ready to explore the world with her passion, curiosity and SMILE. Most importantly, as the BBB Writer and Media Manager, Gab will share BBB stories and spirits to encourage and welcome more people to join us!

Together, we can make a difference with our hands, feet and unique bamboo bicycles here in Beijing!



Magda made one bike. Then she made another. Then she started bringing friends to make bikes. This Chilean student of Chinese and all things adventuresome is a Community Leader at BBB making documentaries, organizing BBB community events, and lending a hand at workshops. Magda rides her vintage-style bamboo bike all over Beijing and often lends it out to friends who want to take a spin.


A junior studying at City University of Hong Kong, Elton is currently in Beijing enjoying his exchange life at Peking University. Elton’s dedication in helping out at our workshops has lead him to now become one of BBB’s workshop assistants. Elton is full of ideas and while some say that his ideas are crazy, a genius by the name of Albert Einstein once said, “For an idea that does not first seem insane, there is no hope.” – and we couldn’t agree more! Currently, Elton’s dream is to open a bamboo bicycle workshop in Hongkong. He loves the idea of how BBB works as a community and enjoys sharing stories and experiences with members of the community, especially with workshop participants from around the world!


Cheryl picked up cycling more seriously when living in Australia and missed cycling when she moved back to Singapore that wasn’t very bike-friendly. After working for a bit, she decided to come to Beijing to be involved with the community and content media at BBB. She enjoys the cheap-thrills of cycling in Beijing: dodging motorists coming towards her against traffic, weaving through pedestrians strolling on the bike lane, and her personal favourite – cycling slowly intentionally when there are cars honking behind her to make way for them (in the bike lane). With her newly made bamboo bike, she has been on the hunt to find legit good coffee in Beijing.


Go is our go-to guy for anything related to photography and video. He grew up in Japan, spent most of his twenties in the States, and is now currently based in Beijing as a freelance photographer/videographer. Over the past 4 years, he has been in pursuit of his own ethnic passion and working on personal photography-related projects across China. Go have had exhibitions around the world and received the award of Best of American Society of Media Photographer in 2012 – yes this guy is great! Check out his incredible work at


We cannot articulate how much Antonia has contributed to help kick things off at BBB. Always cheerful, always friendly, Antonia is our amazing Master Craftswoman and Founder of BBB. Since graduating from McGill University with a degree in International Development Studies and East Asian Studies, she has been on multiple adventures around the world, and seeing BBB come to life is one of them! Antonia is passionate about urban mobility, bicycles and all things bamboo related. She is a strong believer that building bamboo bicycles in a community workshop will not only foster creativity and hands-on learning, but also stimulate an important conversation about mobility. Having grown up in Montreal and living in and out of Beijing for 7 years, Antonia now calls Mexico City her home. She hopes to work towards a social development project in the future that involves the production of bamboo bicycles – awesome, we can’t wait!


Justin is a workshop leader at BBB. Originally from Oregon, Justin has always loved building things and anything bicycling related. So when he got the golden opportunity to combine the two together, he jumped at it! When not working on distributing delicious Belgian beer across Beijing, he exerts his energies thinking of cool new things to build out of bamboo, like tandem bikes, bike baskets, and bike cup-holders. He also loves cooking and talking his dog for strolls in the park.