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Choose from weekly workshops at our Beijing location, your school, or your company!


Make a bamboo bicycle as a team-building and design challenge exercise at your work! BBB works with you to design a hands-on, brain-waking, collaborative experience that also leaves you and your colleagues with bamboo bikes! Contact us!

BBB Weekend Workshop (Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan)

The original BBB workshop has built over 500 bamboo bikes with makers like you! We teach people to build their own bamboo bicycles from scratch over the course of a weekend. Sign up today!


We love working with students! Want your students to learn about design-thinking, sustainability, and the maker-ethos? Get in touch with us to see our past curriculums!

Community Projects

What makes you forget time?

At BBB, we work with and build a community of people who love making. Working with youth, elderly, locals, foreigners, women, men, and businesses big and small, we are proud to run a variety of projects that help empower people to be leaders in the community.

Do more of it.

400+ Bamboo Builders!

Over 400 community members have built their own personalized, custom bamboo bike!

BBB Summer Fellowship

Every summer young BBB fellows inititate their own community projects! Join us for 2017!

Beijing Mobility Race

BBB Community leaders race bamboo bicycle vs taxi vs bus vs subway during the morning commute.

Beyond Beijing

Workshops and events in schools, communities, and organizations from Shanghai to MIT to rural Laos!

Community Innovations

Our bikes and builds only get better and cooler with bright ideas from the community!

BBB Media

BBB community members make a lot of media to share! Check it out!


Bamboo Bicycles Beijing started in 2013 as a fun social project. It has since organically developed into a community-drive social enterprise that strives to empower local community to take ownership over their mobility and environment through shared tangible action and creation in our workshop spaces.

Here are some of our milestones:

  • June, 2013

    Bike #1

    In 2013, David Wang began fixing up thrown out bikes in Beijing in his spare time. One frame he picked up was too rusted, so he hacked it apart and remade it with bamboo. He rode that bike with Candy in Taiwan were they researched bamboo.

  • March 2013

    The Community Project

    After returning from Taiwan and building several more bikes, the idea for a project called "Bamboo Bicycles Beijing"" was formed with Candy, Go, Xiao Yezi, Xiaobai, and Antonia! A Kickstarter and Dreamore (追梦网) were succesful and the group rented out a tiny ex-mahjong workshop in Beijing's traditional hutong. The goal was to make 25 bamboo bikes! WATCH THE BEGINNING HERE!

  • December 2014

    A Community Business

    The 25 bikes were finished in no time. And by the winter, new community leaders had joined to to lead workshops, assemble bikes, and run some workshops in Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

  • April 2015

    The 100th Bike is Built!

    We'll always hold BBB's Yanhui's bike in our hearts because it was the 100th bike!

  • Summer 2015

    BBB's 1st Annual Summer Fellowship Program

    Using money saved from commercial projects, BBB recruits 5 stellar BBB Fellows from high school and college. They build their own bikes and then initiate some great community projects ranging from: map making, bamboo crafts workshops, documentary films, an illustrated guidebook, and bike refurbishment.

  • August 2015

    Claudio partners full time!

    South African native, Claudio Rebuzzi, leaves his English teaching job to take over BBB's operations. He brings on the fan-favorite, Mowgli, as the in-house mechanic, translator, and nap-taker. Claudio and Mowgli build all kinds of new bikes while increasing BBB's big projects with clients from Mercedes, Otis Elevators, ChildFund, USAID, and more.

  • Winter 2016

    BBB travels to rural Laos

    Facing snow, mountains, and a totally different work environment, BBB teaches youth in rural Laos to make bamboo bicylcles using local bamboo.

  • Spring 2015

    BBB & Beyond

    Students and community leaders have held workshops around the world: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Fujian, Sanya, Guangzhou, Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Denver (USA), Boston (USA). (Actually these didn't happen at one time, but over the whole year). Long-time part-time assitant, Dangao, joins full time!

  • Spring & Summer 2016

    BBB's 2nd Annual Summer Fellowship gets funding from MIT Global Ideas!

    With funding from MIT Global Ideas, Stanford, and Hampshire college, BBB hosts another cohort of amazing Summer Fellows who end up starting BBB's volunteer program, making a bamboo bike rack, interviewing BBB's neighbors, making a bamboo strength test machine, and more!

  • Fall 2016

    School Partnerships :-)

    Claudio leaves BBB for Wales, and Mowgli and Dangao take over. They pioneer partnerships with local schools to teach more students to make bikes.

  • October 2016

    1st Place*

    BBB sponsors Mowgli to participate in the Yunnan Granfondo. He comes in first place... in the bamboo division ;-)

  • 2017

    BBBoston and BBShanghai

    Long in the making, Mark partners with BBB begins teaching workshops more regularly with spaces in Shanghai. Meanwhile in Boston David and Max hold the occasional workshop at MIT and Brookline Teen Center.

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The BBB Team

BBB's community is its team! There are scores of people on that team, and the people below are some of the more frequent and current leaders in the workshop(s).


Shanghai Volunteer


BBB Assistant,BBB Translation Corps


BBB Translation Corps and the 99th bamboo bike

Cao Jiahui (aka Marshall)

CWO Chief Wisdom Officer

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